Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A bit of Internet Squee!

   Top o' the Morning Fellow Bloggers,

    Whilst browsing the interwebs a few days back I came across the story of 'Voldemog'. For those unaware, he's an adorable kitty who had to have a bit of his nose and ears removed due to cancer. Vets were worried that he wouldn't be adopted because his surgery left him looking a little like Voldemort from the Harry Potter series (I think he's cute :) ).

    Luckily he did manage to find a new forever home with Sarah Gaden, a lovely non-Potter fan who adopted Charlie despite his unique looks. While this is not new news I found a picture of them together this morning and thought it might brighten up your Tuesday morning .... err.. afternoon!

This kind of stuff always makes me smile :)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

First Post!


    Woot for my first post, the first metaphorical brick in my literary bridge of awesomeness (Cheesy? Hope you loves it 'cause 'Cheese' is my second language)!
   I'm hoping to make this blog into a bit of a confetti grab. A little bit of cute, lots of WTF and a dash of snide bitterness. Kind of like a cupcake sprinkled with the shattered dreams of a thousand heart broken puppies. So please comment, and post away!


               P.S. Thank you Dear Reader for bearing with me while I try to sort out my new blog. To show my appreciation I have included a squee for you! Enjoy!